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Review of the current CPD requirements for lawyers in Victoria

Submissions for the CPD review have now closed. Thanks to everyone who submitted their thoughts and ideas on improving CPD in Victoria.

About the CPD review

We commissioned an independent consultant, Mr Chris Humphreys, to conduct a review of the current CPD arrangements in Victoria in accordance with the Terms of Reference.   The review aimed to engage with a broad range of lawyers and other stakeholders from all backgrounds and at every stage of their career to provide input.  The Law Institute of Victoria and Victorian Bar also provided support to the review.

An Issues Paper was developed outlining the issues under consideration. Some of the topics considered were barriers to accessing CPD, the mandatory subject fields, learning formats, quality, and compliance and enforcement.  The Issues Paper also contained some consultation questions to help facilitate important dialogue on these topics.  A short Executive Summary also provided an overview of the issues that were being canvassed.   

Focus groups were also held for particular cohorts of lawyers.

Now submissions have closed and consultation is complete, Mr Humphreys will identify opportunities to improve CPD for Victorian lawyers. We anticipate that while some improvements could be directly implemented, others might have broader policy implications and will need to be considered and negotiated, including at the national level. We will agree and share a plan for improving CPD for Victorian lawyers as early as possible after receiving the review’s recommendations. 

About Chris HumphreysChris Humphreys 

Chris Humphreys is a qualified lawyer who has practised in the private, community law and public sectors. He worked for the Victorian Department of Justice and Community Safety for over 25 years, principally in policy roles. He has worked on all of the legislative schemes governing legal profession regulation since 1991.  He was the Director of Civil Justice Policy for 15 years, and was awarded a Public Service Medal in 2017 for his work on civil law reform and human rights.  He was also responsible for the Victorian Government Legal Services Panel. Chris has developed extensive networks with government entities and within the legal profession. He has a strong record of working collaboratively with stakeholders and is well suited to undertake this important review.  

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