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Changing my place of practice

Use these instructions to update your place of practice, for example if you have moved employers.

Please note that if you are moving from a law firm to a non-legal entity (such as a government department or corporate organisation) you need to change your practising certificate type to either ‘Government legal practitioner’ or ‘Corporate legal practitioner’. You can’t use this form to change your practising certificate type, see ‘Changing my practising certificate type’ for detailed instructions on that.

If you also need to update your personal details you can use this form and detailed instructions on that can be found at ‘Updating my personal details’.

Visit LSB Online

Click on the button ‘Log into LSB Online’

Login to LSB online

Your username is your practitioner number [P1234567] which was sent to you when you registered for an LSB Online account

Login form

Select ‘Practicing certificates’ from the menu

On the home screen

Select ‘Change of personal details or place of practice’

On the Forms screen

Under the section ‘Current practices’ you will find a drop down menu with your current place of practice

Current practices

Click on the ‘Cease’ button

Cease button

Enter the date your position with your employer will cease. Select your ‘Cease reason’ from the drop down menu.

Click ‘Continue’

Cease pop up

You will now see a ‘Ceased date’ for this position

Cease date

Click the blue ‘Add practice’ button to add your new employer

Add practice CTA

Start typing the practice/organisation name into the first box and then select the correct organisation from the list

The system will automatically populate the practice type and address

If you can’t find your organisation on the list you will need to contact us via the lawyer enquiry form 

Select the ‘Position type’ from the drop down list

You can add multiple places of practice (for example, if you also work as a volunteer, or work two part time jobs), and you should answer ‘Yes’ to the place of practice where you spend the most time

Enter your ‘Commencement date’. This must be later than your ‘Cease date’ above and can’t be before the date you submit this application to us.

Click ‘Continue’

You will now see your new employer details under the ‘Law practice’ section

Add practice

If your address for service has changed you will now need to update this. This must be a street address, and the suburb, state and postcode will appear on the register of lawyers online

You can also choose a preferred mailing address which can be either your address for service or primary place of practice

Address for service

Tick the declaration box and click ‘Submit’

Submit CTA
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