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Our enquiry and complaint process

Talk to the lawyer

Step 1

For most enquiries and complaints you need to try and resolve your concerns directly with the lawyer before seeking our assistance. 

You can view our 'Tips to handle a dispute' page for how to discuss your concerns with the lawyer. 

Check that we can help

Step 2

Before you contact us, check if we are the right people to help you.

Refer to our list of 'What we do and don't do'.

Tell us what happened

Step 3

Our service is free of charge.

Use our 'Consumer enquiry form' to tell us what happened, how this affected you, and the outcome you are seeking.

This is the quickest way to raise your concerns with us.

If we can’t help you we may suggest other places you can seek advice.

Handling your enquiry or complaint

Step 4

Once we have received your query the right person will contact you to explain how we handle complaints and what we need from you.

For most of the enquiries or complaints we receive we can: 

  • Answer your questions.
  • Provide you with information that might help you to resolve your concerns yourself.
  • Work together with you and your lawyer to resolve your concerns informally.
  • We may also undertake a review of the costs charged for billing/invoice disputes.

In a small number of cases we can:

For the majority of enquiries or complaints we receive, we work with you and your lawyer to come to an agreement on the outcome. You can read more about what you might expect on our 'Possible outcomes' page.

Other more serious complaints may require us to carry out an investigation. These investigations are often complex and time consuming.

If an investigation uncovers serious wrongdoing we can take disciplinary action against the lawyer.

Find out about Possible outcomes

Sharing our decision

Step 5

We will tell you what our decision is and why in writing for all complaints made to us.

If you have feedback about your experience, please contact us. We can review how your case has been handled and explain your rights.

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