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Certificate of Fitness

We can prepare a Certificate of Fitness for lawyers who have either been admitted to practise in Victoria, or who have held a practising certificate in Victoria. The certificate states:

  • the date that you were admitted to practice in the Supreme Court of Victoria
  • any conditions or restrictions on your current practising certificate
  • whether or not you currently hold a practising certificate
  • whether or not you have ever had a practising certificate suspended or cancelled in Victoria
  • whether or not an order has ever been made to suspend you from practice in Victoria
  • any prior disciplinary findings made against you in the last 5 years (including decisions under the Legal Profession Act 2004 and the Legal Profession Uniform Law (Victoria)
  • any disciplinary complaints in relation to your practice as a legal practitioner in the State of Victoria which are currently under investigation or preliminary assessment.

Apply for a Certificate of Fitness

Certificate of Good Standing

If you are applying to the Supreme Court of Victoria for a Certificate of Good Standing, you will first need to give the Court a Certificate of Fitness. For information about Certificates of Good Standing, please contact:

Admissions Clerk, Supreme Court of Victoria
T: 03 8600 2003

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