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Non lawyer disciplinary action

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This page lists the names of people disqualified under the Legal Profession Uniform Law Application Act 2014 (Vic) and earlier equivalent Victorian legislation.

These persons are prohibited from working for a local legal practitioner or law practice in any capacity, without prior approval of the Victorian Legal Services Board.

They form part of a broader category known as ‘prohibited lay associates’. See further information on non-legal employees and our Fact sheet – Prohibited lay associates (see below).

A lawyer or law practice wishing to employ a prohibited lay associate must apply to the Board for approval to do so. Failure to obtain Board permission exposes the lawyer or law practice and the prohibited lay associate to prosecution.

The table below is not exhaustive and will be updated as new orders are made.  Where available, the decisions or orders have been linked to the names of each individual.

Disqualified Persons

(See Note on Disqualified Persons below)

The table lists the names of people disqualified by order of:

  1. the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT), and
  2. the former Victorian Legal Profession Tribunal (VLPT).
JUDD, Paul William 21 September 2012 – no end date (Indefinite) [2012] VCAT 1422
KYRIACKOU, Michael Antonio 17 June 2013 – [2013] VCAT 735
Order of 17 June 2013
LELLETON, John Leo 24 May 2013 – no end date (Indefinite) Order of 24 May 2013 
SWIES, Dorian 1 December 2015 –
1 December 2025
VLSB v Swies
GODRIDGE, Lauren 25 May 2017 –
25 May 2027
VLSB v Godridge
Frith, Samantha 14 March 2018 –
14 March 2028
VLSB v Frith

Razos, Athena*

*Please see our statement: VLSB v RAZOS for a list of aliases by which Ms Razos has otherwise been known by from time to time.

18 November 2020 – no end date (Indefinite) VLSB v RAZOS


Note on Disqualified Persons

The disqualified persons listed in the table are only those non-lawyers who have been prohibited from working in a law practice or for a lawyer by VCAT or Court orders due to inappropriate conduct.

The law also disqualifies a broader range of people than those listed above in connection with legal services.  All of these disqualified persons are also prohibited lay associates and include a person:

  • whose name has been removed from an Australian roll (struck off);
  • whose Australian practising certificate has been suspended or cancelled;
  • who has been refused a renewal of an Australian practising certificate; or
  • who has been disqualified from managing an incorporated legal practice or being in partnership with an Australian legal practitioner

A further category of prohibited person, not listed in this table, is any person who has been found guilty of theft or a criminal dishonesty offence.

For details of disciplinary action taken against Australian legal practitioners and former lawyers see either the Register of Lawyers or the Register of Disciplinary Action (lawyers).

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