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Health Justice Partnerships

What is a Health Justice Partnership?

Health Justice Partnerships (HJPs) are an innovative model of service delivery that sees legal and health practitioners work collaboratively to deliver services to clients.  The strength of HJPs is that they efficiently provide legal assistance to vulnerable people in the places they are most likely to seek help.  HJPs have proven to be an effective way of increasing access to justice as well as benefitting people's health and wellbeing.


Our HJP funding

There has been a proliferation of HJPs throughout Australia and we are very proud of the role our Grants Program has been able to play in building that momentum.  Since 2011, we have provided over $7 million in HJP grants to 19 projects.


HJP priority-themed grant round

In 2014, we funded 8 new HJPs through our priority-themed funding round, more than doubling the number of Australian HJPs at the time.  As multiple HJPs were funded at once, a community of practice was formed.  Under the guidance of Dr Liz Curran, the projects were able to test the effectiveness of the model amongst diverse cohorts and locations throughout Victoria.  These projects focused on assisting young people, seniors, newly arrived migrants, women experiencing violence, new mothers and people experiencing mortgage stress.  We have funded many more HJPs in the years since.

It has been an honour to work with these services and support their evolution.  It is a testament to the outstanding work of those foundational HJP practitioners that the model is being adopted throughout the country.


Health Justice Australia

A national body, Health Justice Australia (HJA), has now been established to promote the model.  They convened the inaugural national conference in 2017.  With funding from our Grants Program, HJA have been providing mentoring to aspiring HJPs and creating key resources to inform best practice HJP development.


Learn more

Learn more through watching our short video below and reading some of the reports detailing the important work of our HJPs.

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