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Health Justice Partnerships

Health Justice Partnerships (or HJPs) integrate legal assistance as an integral element of the health care team. They require the development of a sophisticated partnership between the legal and health professions and their organisations to jointly address the health and social circumstances which often manifest in the form of legal needs.

In 2014, HJPs were a new way of delivering legal services and we made it a priority to fund more of these projects; allocating funding across 12 new HJP projects.

These projects focused on assisting young people, seniors, newly arrived migrants, women experiencing violence, new mothers, and people experiencing mortgage stress. 

The HJP model is now being replicated across Australia and a national body, Health Justice Australia, has been established to promote the model. The first national conference was held in 2017.

Below is a video and some of the reports on the important work of our HJPs.

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