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Funding opportunities

What support we offer and how to apply

We help fund projects and organisations that contribute towards the goals set out in our grants strategy. Our holistic funding model has two distinct streams:

  • Change Grants
  • Strong Foundations Grants

Explore more about these grants below. A green dot indicates the grants round is currently open for applications.

  • Change Grants
  • Strong Foundations
  • Change Grants continue the core component of our long-running grants program and provide funding for projects that address issues or gaps limiting people's access to justice.

    These grants are an effective way for community legal centres and other not-for-profit organisations to test new ideas and advocate for change.

    We work with successful applicants to customise funding to suit their project, offering longer-term grants if appropriate.

    Providing organisations with the means to fund their work properly has proven successful in promoting innovation in service delivery, policy, and law reform, which helps to reduce disadvantage within Victoria's justice system.

  • Change Grants are available to Victorian-based not-for-profit and non-government organisations whose activities also take place in Victoria. When this grants round is open, we welcome applications on a range of themes related to access to justice.

  • Applications for the next round of Change Grants will open in December 2023. Sign up for our newsletter so you don't miss out on future updates.

  • In addition to our project grants, we now offer flexible and stable funding over three to five years to eligible community legal centres in Victoria.

    Strong Foundations Grants give organisations more freedom to decide where and how resources are allocated, helping them to build capacity and achieve their strategic objectives.

    By supporting organisations with a proven track record, and harnessing their expertise, ambition and leadership, our goal is to bring about positive systemic change that improves access to justice for all Victorians.

    Benefits to your organisation

    • Maximise the impact of your work
    • Direct funds where they are needed most
    • Adapt to changing circumstances
    • Pursue opportunities as they arise
    • Attract and retain staff
    • Improved planning
  • For our first-ever round of Strong Foundations Grants, we are targeting community legal centres in Victoria that have received funding from us within the last five years. Download the Strong Foundations Grants guidelines for more on eligibility and selection criteria.

  • This round is invite-only and we have contacted eligible organisations directly with information on how to apply. The next round will be in 2024. Sign up for our newsletter so you don't miss out on future updates or email us at with any questions.

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