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Doing Business with Us 

The Legal Services Board and Commissioner (VLSB+C) is committed to ensuring that our procurement processes are transparent, efficient, and deliver value for money. We follow the Victorian Government Purchasing Board (VGPB) policies and guidelines to ensure our procurement activities meet the highest standards of integrity and accountability. 

Our Procurement Policy 

Our procurement activities are guided by the VGPB policies and align with the following principles: 

  • Value for Money: We ensure the best possible outcome for every dollar spent. 

  • Accountability: We take responsibility for our procurement decisions and their outcomes. 

  • Probity: We conduct our procurement activities ethically, fairly, and transparently. 

  • Scalability: We tailor our procurement processes to match the complexity and risk associated with each procurement activity. 

  • Risk Management: We identify and manage risks associated with procurement activities. 

Procurement Framework 

We adhere to the VGPB policies and use the procurement framework set by the Department of Treasury and Finance. This includes: 

  • Procurement Planning: We carefully plan each procurement activity to ensure it meets the needs of the VLSB+C and complies with relevant policies and legislation. 

  • Market Engagement: We engage with the market through open and fair processes to obtain the best value for our organisation. 

  • Contract Management: We manage contracts diligently to ensure suppliers meet their obligations and deliver the agreed outcomes. 

Supplier Opportunities 

We welcome suppliers who can provide high-quality goods and services to support our operations. Opportunities to work with VLSB+C may include: 

  • Legal services 

  • Information technology 

  • Professional services 

  • Office supplies and equipment 

  • Facilities management 

Procurement Activity Plan 

The VLSB+C maintains a Procurement Activities Plan to provide transparency and information about our upcoming procurement activities. Key points about the plan include: 

  • The plan is updated annually and contains a high-level summary plan of our forecast public procurement activities over the next 6 to 18-month period. 

  • You can access the current register here.

Please note: 

  • The dates listed in the plan indicate when VLSB+C plans to commence preparations for the procurement activity. The actual tender release date may be later. 

  • All forecast procurements are subject to revision or cancellation. The plan is provided for information only and does not constitute a request for proposal or a commitment by VLSB+C to purchase the described goods or services. 

  • There is no obligation to respond to or return any unsolicited bids received. 

Current Procurement Opportunities 

We regularly publish procurement opportunities on the Victorian Government Tenders System (Tenders VIC), the Digital Marketplace and Vendor Panel as appropriate. Suppliers are encouraged to register and participate in our procurement processes. You can find more information on how to supply to government from the Buying for Victoria website.   

Social Procurement Strategy 2023 – 2026 

The VLSB+C views social procurement a vital strategic function. We aim to use our purchasing power to create positive social impacts throughout Victoria.  

We have a Social Procurement Strategy that identifies opportunities for both direct and indirect social procurement, such as through contract clauses and in our selection of suppliers. 

Our priority objectives for our Social Procurement Strategy 2023 - 2026 are to promote opportunities for: 

  • First Nations Victorians 

  • People with disability 

  • Women's equality and safety 

  • Disadvantaged Victorians, and  

  • Social enterprises.  

We aim to enhance our social procurement capability through training, contract management, and communication with suppliers. 

Our Social Procurement Strategy is consistent with and complementary to our business strategy, as outlined in our Corporate Plan and our Access to Justice Policy Statement

Making a Procurement Complaint 

If you have concerns about a procurement process or probity issue, we recommend first discussing it with the VLSB+C team or staff you're working with. Many issues stem from misunderstandings or process errors and can often be resolved quickly and easily through direct communication. 

Should you feel the need to escalate the matter after this initial feedback, you may lodge a formal complaint by completing our procurement complaint form, detailing the basis of your concerns. 

Upon receipt, the procurement team will acknowledge your complaint and initiate an internal independent investigation, following the timelines recommended by the Victorian Government Procurement Board for complaint management

If you're unsatisfied with the outcome of the internal investigation, you have several options:  

  • pursue legal action through the courts.  

Please be aware that allegations of improper conduct, corruption, or fraud are handled through separate, established review channels. 

Contact Us 

For queries related to procurement at VLSB+C, please contact the Procurement Team at 

Additional Resources 

We look forward to working with suppliers who share our commitment to integrity, innovation, and excellence in service delivery. 

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