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For the legal profession

The following policies have been developed to provide guidance to practitioners on the regulatory obligations under the Act. The policies and guidelines on this page are current. For further information, please contact the Legal Services Board + Commissioner on 9679 8001.

Trust account policies

Corporate policies

The following documents provide guidance on specific processes and operations of the Legal Services Board.

Gifts, Benefits & Hospitality

The Board and Commissioner have a Gifts, Benefits & Hospitality Policy that applies to all of our employees, members of the Board, Committee members, the Commissioner, contractors, consultants and persons acting or undertaking an activity on our behalf (‘our representatives’).

The intent of our policy is to support the Board and Commissioner and our representatives to avoid conflicts of interest and to maintain the high level of integrity and public trust and confidence expected of us.  All public servants have a duty to place the public interest over their own private interests and are held accountable for the decisions they make where a gift, benefit or hospitality is offered to them or by them to others.

Please appreciate that our representatives will refuse offers of gifts and benefits in circumstances where the offer is made by a person or organisation associated with:

  • a procurement or tender process;
  • a formal complaint or investigation or other decision making process of the Board and Commissioner.

Our policy has been developed in accordance with the gifts, benefits and hospitality policy framework issued by the Victorian Public Sector Commission on Minimum accountabilities for managing gifts, benefits and hospitality.

The below register contains details about all offers made to our representatives with a value of $50 or more. The register for the current year will be updated periodically.

Last modified November 22, 2019.