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Compensation Claims

We manage a compensation scheme called the Fidelity Fund for clients who have lost money or property because of the dishonest or fraudulent behaviour of a lawyer, an employee of a law practice or an approved barrister’s clerk.

The Fidelity Fund receives revenue through its own holdings and investments, as well as through annual contributions from solicitors, community legal centres and approved barristers’ clerks which are licensed to deal with trust money.

If you have lost money or property

If you have lost money or property that was held in trust, you may be entitled to compensation. You can make a claim for compensation under certain circumstances. Please contact us and ask to speak to a Fidelity Fund claims officer.

Further information about the compensation scheme is available from the following pages:

How and when to make a claim

How claims are determined

Claim examples

You can also download the information sheet on Making a claim against the Fidelity Fund (154KB PDF).


Last modified July 24, 2018.