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Information for Consumers

Our website contains information on how you can work effectively with your lawyer, what to do if problems arise, and how you can make a complaint about a lawyer. You can also find a register of lawyers in Victoria and a list of past disciplinary actions taken against lawyers and law practices.

Click on the links below to read more on each topic.

Where to get legal help

This page provides links to information, resources and services which can help you with legal questions.

Working with your lawyer

This page provides hints and tips for how to work effectively with a lawyer, and explains your rights when dealing with lawyers.

What to do when a problem arises

You can read about ways of resolving a problem with your lawyer here.

Make a complaint

If you want to make a complaint about a lawyer or law firm, this page will explain how.

Compensation claims

We manage a compensation scheme for clients who have lost money or property because a lawyer, an employee of a law practice or an approved clerk has dealt dishonestly or fraudulently with that money or property. If you have lost money or property this page describes the circumstances under which you can make a claim for compensation.

Is your Lawyer licensed?

To find out if your lawyer is licensed to give you legal advice, you can look up their name on our Register of licensed legal practitioners and law practices.

Disciplinary action taken against lawyers (the RODA)

Our Register of Disciplinary Action (RODA) provides details of disciplinary action taken against lawyers in Victoria over the last five years. You can search for a specific lawyer or law practice by name.

Disciplinary action taken against non-lawyers

This page lists action taken against non-lawyers who have been banned by a court from working for a law practice.

Complaints and disciplinary outcomes

This section contains links to disciplinary orders made against Victorian lawyers from 2006 to the present time. It also contains the determinations made by the Commissioner which have resulted from complaints about a lawyer’s conduct, the quality of service provided or a dispute over legal costs.


We also publish monthly statistics on the numbers of lawyers and law practices registered, and annual statistics on the number and type of complaints received. Our annual reports provide further detail for each financial year.


Last modified December 7, 2017.