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New and intending lawyers

Admission to the legal profession

To practise law in Victoria, you must first be admitted to the Australian legal profession.

The Victorian Legal Services Board is not involved in the admissions process. All admissions in Victoria are administered by the Victorian Legal Admissions Board and then the Supreme Court of Victoria. Please note: Admission to the legal profession in Victoria does not grant you the ability to appear before a court in the federal jurisdiction. Your name must also be entered in the registry of the High Court of Australia before appearing in any federal court.

Applying for a practising certificate

Subject to a small number of limited exceptions, admission to the legal profession does not entitle you to engage in legal practice. You must also hold a current practising certificate. See further information about applying for a practising certificate

New Zealand lawyers

New Zealand qualified lawyers must be admitted to the legal profession under the Legal Profession Uniform Law (Victoria) or a corresponding law interstate before practising in Victoria. Under the Trans-Tasman Mutual Recognition Act 1997 (Cth), admission in New Zealand entitles you to be admitted to practice in an Australian jurisdiction.

Once you have been admitted in Australia, you must comply with the ongoing Victorian regulatory requirements, which includes maintaining an Australian practising certificate. If you are engaging in legal practice you must also comply with the Uniform Rules and other regulatory requirements.

New Zealand lawyers should apply to the Victorian Legal Admissions Board for admission to practise in Victoria.


Last modified October 12, 2016.