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Supreme Court bans fake lawyer from undertaking legal work

Gippsland residents seeking legal help are being cautioned not to engage the services of Mr Dennis Wayne Jensen.

The Victorian Legal Services Board has advised the public that Mr Jensen is not a lawyer and has never held legal qualifications.

Board CEO, Ms Fiona McLeay, said the Board was aware that Mr Jensen had been representing Gippsland residents in Court, despite not being entitled to do so.

‘It is against the law for someone to impersonate a lawyer, or to offer to provide legal services if they have no legal qualifications,’ Ms McLeay said.

She said the Board took action in the Supreme Court of Victoria after Mr Jensen and the two companies he operates - Common Law Resolutions Pty Ltd and JTA Corporation Pty Ltd – allegedly continued to engage in legal practice despite warnings from the Board.

The Supreme Court ordered Mr Jensen and his companies not to provide legal advice, prepare legal documents, appear in a court on behalf of another person, or in any way promote an entitlement to undertake legal work.

‘The danger that fake lawyers pose to the public is significant. There are no safety nets when using an unqualified person, no public liability insurance and no protection of a client’s money. If a client is not happy with the service they have received, there is nobody to complain to,’ Ms McLeay said.

‘Only a qualified lawyer has the knowledge, skills, training and importantly, legal protections for consumers if something goes wrong,’ Ms McLeay said.

Gippsland consumers who become aware that Mr Jensen, Common Law Resolutions Pty Ltd or JTA Corporation Pty Ltd may be engaging in legal practice are encouraged to contact the Board on: Tel: 03 9679 8001 or Email:

The public should also be aware that in August 2018 Mr Jensen was banned by the Health Complaints Commissioner from providing health services, or claiming he was qualified or able to cure cancer or other serious illnesses. Further information on this ban is available from the Health Complaints Commissioner website.


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