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Reminder: new Principal practising certificates from 1 January 2019

From 1 January 2019, the Board’s policy on granting Principal practising certificates comes into effect. This policy applies to solicitors applying for a grant of a Principal practising certificate for the first time, or applying to vary to an existing practising certificate to become a Principal practising certificate. The policy does not apply to solicitors who have an existing Principal practising certificate.

Solicitors subject to this policy must satisfy the Board that they have the skills and expertise needed to run a law practice competently and ethically.

Solicitors can demonstrate to the Board that they possess the required skills by:

  • successfully completing a practice management course which has been assessed as meeting the Board’s Practice Management Course Guidelines (see courses below); or
  • providing evidence of having completed a comparable practice management course in another jurisdiction; or
  • providing evidence of appropriate past experience managing a business or law practice.

The following organisations provide practice management courses in Victoria which have been assessed by the Board as meeting the Guidelines. Courses planned for the next 6 months are:

Fiona McLeay
CEO, Victorian Legal Services Board


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