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Northern CLC’s Abused and Abandoned Report Now Available

The phenomenon of abused and abandoned Indian brides in transnational spaces is well documented, yet minimal research has been undertaken on the broad issues faced by Indian women who experience domestic and family violence in Australia. Northern Community Legal Centre (NCLC) operates in a region which has recently experienced a large arrival of Indian migrants. Through their work, they became aware of the complexities Indian women face who are subjected to family violence.
Funded through our Grants Program, this project has enhanced NCLC’s capacity to provide legal services through the employment of an Immigration Lawyer who provides free legal advice and casework assistance to Indian women who are victim/survivors of family violence.  In addition, this project included a research component to build understanding of the complex cultural issues that contribute to family violence experiences, and the adequacy of Australian laws to provide legal protection.  This report makes multiple recommendations and documents the demand for this type of service far outstripping supply.  NCLC also observe the critical importance of integrated service delivery models.  For this cohort, one that involves migration law expertise has been a vital addition which other CLC’s may wish to emulate.  Read all of the report’s recommendations here.

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