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Law Library of Victoria releases online training in legal research

To access a wealth of legal information,  improve your research skills, or get valuable research support, visit

Victorian practitioners have exclusive access to: 

  • Free CPD Legal Research eLearning on Australian and UK case law and legislation  
  • Quick reference tools such as research and subject guides  
  • Exclusive legal publications and databases  
  • Curated digital case law and legislation collections  

  If you haven’t already registered for a login to the library website, click here.  

 One of the best Zoom CPDs in the COVID-19 era

A long-time practitioner that attended a recent Zoom session provided the following feedback after attending one of the Library’s online events: 

“Thank you so much for one of the best Zoom CPDs in the COVID-19 era. It was clear, easy to hear, and above all pragmatic. I learned so much and more than expected.” 

Another practitioner said:

“When we paid our Library subscription/fee on Admission, this absolutely magical window on the law and the world's jurisprudence - all from a study at home in rural Victoria, would have been the stuff of science fiction. Now we cannot work without it. Now we can do so more efficiently than yesterday.”

The Law Library of Victoria has many upcoming events to support Victorian legal practitioners wherever they are located.   

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