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Health Justice Australia – Building Blocks for HJP Development Resource

Interested in forming a Health Justice Partnership (HJP)? Then you must check out Health Justice Australia’s new resource Building blocks for health justice partnership development

Increasingly, health and social services are seeking to work together on the vexed and wicked problems they cannot address alone. Identifying the need to collaborate or work differently in response to those problems is an important first step, but where to from there?  Health Justice Australia’s new Building Blocks resource is the best place to look to find out how to establish strong HJP foundations.  It will also be of interest to those wanting to fine-tune their existing HJP. 

What’s great about this resource is that it recognises each HJP is unique so it takes a descriptive, rather than proscriptive, approach.  It breaks down four common areas of service design and implementation that, when taken together, can contribute to the effective development and maintenance of an HJP. 

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