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Complex Communication Needs: A report by Federation University

Completed at the end of 2018, this two year research project was funded to identify strategies to assist justice agencies to enhance their response to people with complex communication needs (CCN).

The research participants included seven persons who identified as having CCN and four parent/advocates of people with CCN.

The emergent themes from their research “tell a story of frustration, disappointment, caution, a lack of understanding and knowledge about the communication of persons with CCN, negative assumptions and, at times, rejection.”

The research provides examples of where, at best, the justice system has responded sensitively, empathetically and equitably, resulting in a positive experience for participants, irrespective of case outcome, and in contrast, the experiences of the majority of participants which have been negative.

A 93 page report on their findings has been published and includes ten recommendations to further inform the justice system response to persons with CCN have been drawn.

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