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Risk Management & Guidelines

Policy-Risk_Management_Guidelines-2017.pdf (163 KB) PDF icon

Risk management is integrated into our practices, operations, business plans, and philosophies.


Protected Disclosure

Policy-Protected_Disclosure-2016.pdf (57 KB) PDF icon

The Victorian Legal Services Board and Commissioner (“Board and Commissioner”) are committed to the protection of people who make disclosures in accordance with the Protected Disclosure Act 2012 (Vic) (the Act).


Media and Public Comments

Policy-Media_and_Public_Comments-2016.pdf (202 KB) PDF icon

As the regulator of the Legal Profession in Victoria, the VLSB+C are often approached by various media outlets seeking comment on or information about legal practitioners, legal practices and/or regulatory matters.


Freedom of Information

Policy-Freedom_of_Information-2016.pdf (70 KB) PDF icon

The Victorian Legal Services Board and Commissioner (“Board and Commissioner”) is a public agency subject to the FOI Act. This document details how the Board and Commissioner approach and apply the FOI Act.


Privacy Policy

Policy-Privacy-2016.pdf (214 KB) PDF icon

This policy outlines the privacy obligations of the Victorian Legal Services Board and Commissioner (“the VLSB+C”).


Risk-based regulation of lawyers’ trust accounts

Policy-Risk_Based_Regulation_Trust_Accounts-2017.pdf (182 KB) PDF icon

The purpose of this policy is to establish a framework for a risk based approach to the regulation of lawyers’ trust accounts, including the conducting of trust account investigations.


Overpayment and Refunds

Policy-Overpayments_and_Refunds-2016.pdf (138 KB) PDF icon

Practising Certificate fees, surcharges & fidelity fund contributions


Lay Associate Guidelines

Policy-Lay_Associate_Guidelines-2016.pdf (132 KB) PDF icon

This document provides guidance on the Board’s power to approve a practitioner or practice having a lay associate known to be a disqualified person or a person who has been convicted of a serious offence.


Fit and Proper Person Policy

RRP_017_Fit_&_Proper_Person_Policy_V2_(Dec_11).pdf (66 KB) PDF icon

Our policy on what makes a person fit and proper to practise law

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