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2020 Grants Round Application Form

2020 Grants Round Application Form.DOCX (863 KB) Document icon

Application Form for the 2020 Grants Funding Round


Letter of Support Examples

Grants Letter of Support Examples.pdf (414 KB) PDF icon

Examples of support letters for a grant application


2020 Grants Funding Round

Guidelines-2020_Grants_Round_General-2020.pdf (1026 KB) PDF icon

Further information about the 2020 Grants Funding Round


External Examiner's check list

Report-External_Examiner's_Checklist-2016.doc (850 KB) Document icon

Use this check list to assist in completing the external examination

Fact sheet

Resources for external examiners

Frequently asked questions from External Examiners

Fact sheet

Before making a complaint

Information you should know before making a complaint


Gifts Benefits & Hospitality Policy

Policy-Gifts_Benefits_and_Hospitality-2016.pdf (816 KB) PDF icon

This policy is intended to support individuals and the VLSB+C to avoid conflicts of interest and maintain integrity


Strategy – Victorian Legal Services Board and Commissioner: A Clear Direction

Strategy-Board_and_Commissioner-2018.pdf (833 KB) PDF icon

This strategy explains the way we have chosen to do our work. It ensures that we are transparent, responsive and accountable to all our stakeholders. It provides clarity of purpose among our staff, and supports the best use of our resources.

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