Publications - Victorian Legal Services Board + Commissioner


The Victorian Legal Services Board + Commissioner produce a wide range of material for lawyers and consumers. The below pages provide links to these resources.


This page provides downloadable forms in PDF and DOCX formats for lawyers and law practices covering various requirements for lawyers and law practices, trust accounts, and complaints.

Fact sheets

The Board and Commissioner publish numerous fact sheets and brochures for both lawyers and consumers. These cover topics such as clients rights when dealing with a lawyer, tips for lawyers to avoid complaints in various areas of law, changes to the legal regulatory environment and the Fidelity Fund.


This page contains the Board and Commissioner’s policies for the legal profession as well as its corporate policies.

Annual Reports

This page provides links to annual reports published by separately by the Board and the Commissioner from 2006 through to 2012, and the consolidated Board and Commissioner annual reports from 2013 onwards.



Last modified March 19, 2019.