Complaints and disciplinary outcomes - Victorian Legal Services Board + Commissioner

Complaints and disciplinary outcomes

The Victorian Legal Services Commissioner is responsible for the receipt and handling of all complaints about lawyers in Victoria.

Where the Commissioner initiates disciplinary proceedings against a lawyer, the case will usually be heard before the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal. The decision made by VCAT, or any other relevant court, will generally be published on the Australian Legal Information Institute (AustLII) website.

This section provides information for lawyers about how to avoid complaints, the Commissioner’s ‘own motion’ investigation powers and links to the outcomes of previous disciplinary hearings as published on the AustLII website.

Avoiding complaints

Commissioner-initiated complaints

Commissioner determinations

2019 Disciplinary decisions

2018 Disciplinary decisions

2017 Disciplinary decisions

2016 Disciplinary decisions

2015 Disciplinary decisions

Archive of earlier disciplinary decisions


Disciplinary findings can also found in the Legal Services Board’s Register of Disciplinary Action. Click on the button below to view the Register.

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Last modified October 28, 2019.