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Register of legal practitioners and law practices

What is the Victorian Legal Profession Register?

Under the Legal Profession Uniform Law (Victoria) the Victorian Legal Services Board is required to maintain a ‘Legal Profession Register’ where the practitioner’s home jurisdiction is Victoria.

The Register must:

(a) include the information required under the Uniform Rules; and

(b) specify whether each practitioner is or is not a barrister; and

(c) include any other prescribed information.

The Register is available for public inspection, without charge, at our office during normal business hours. Information recorded in the register may be provided to members of the public in any other manner approved by the Victorian Legal Services Board.

Disclosure of information

Personal information we collect is governed by the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014 (Vic).

Online register extracts

Limited information from the register is available on this website, and can be searched using the search resource below.

When searching for a lawyer, you must enter the lawyer’s correct first name or surname.

When searching for a law practice, you may enter either the full or partial name of the law practice or its business name.

Please note the Register is not a referral service. Use of the Register is subject to the Board’s legal disclaimer.

If you require further information you can visit our office to search the full Register, or if you have any questions, please call us on Tel: 03 9679 8001.





Last modified December 24, 2019.