Information for Lawyers - Victorian Legal Services Board + Commissioner

Information for lawyers

The Victorian Legal Services Board regulates the legal profession in Victoria. The Legal Profession Uniform Law Application Act 2014 provides the framework for the Board’s regulatory functions.

In this segment of the website you will find information relevant to lawyers and the legal profession. It is divided up into six sections as described below.

Practising in Victoria

Information about applying for a practising certificate, the fees payable and conditions on practising in Victoria.

Types of practise

The different types of legal practise which may be undertaken in Victoria.

Running a law practice

Information relevant to the different types of law practice.

Managing client money

Information about trust money, trust accounts, trust auditing and statutory deposit accounts.

Professional obligations

The rules guiding legal practise, continuing professional development requirements, and various types of disclosures required.

Complaints and disciplinary outcomes

How to avoid complaints, the Victorian Legal Services Commissioner’s investigation powers, external interventions and the outcomes of disciplinary decisions against lawyers.





Last modified January 23, 2019.