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RPA News is a blog published by the Victorian Legal Services Commissioner. It is used to inform the lawyers and the public about the following:

  • changes to the regulatory regime, including legislation and regulations
  • disciplinary decisions handed down by VCAT or the courts
  • special events and public announcements
  • new resources available on this website, and
  • any other information we believe is relevant to lawyers and the public.

Please note: blog entries discussing disciplinary action are published by the Commissioner in line with the Commissioner’s long-standing objective to educate the legal profession. By publicising disciplinary outcomes, the Commissioner intends for lawyers to compare their conduct and business practices with those highlighted by VCAT and the courts. This will in turn assist lawyers to comply with the requirements of the Legal Profession Uniform Law and the expectations of consumers and the wider legal profession.

Lawyers: Time to apply to renew your practising certificate March 18, 2019

It is now time to apply to renew your practising certificate if you intend to continue to engage in legal practice in Victoria from 1 July 2019.

If you hold a current practising certificate, look for the email from the Victorian Legal Services Board dated 18 March 2019, providing directions for how to apply to renew your practising certificate. Please read this email carefully.


The deadline for applying to renew your practising certificate is 30 April 2019. Applications made after this date will be subject to a late application surcharge. Please apply to renew as soon as possible, as all current practising certificates will expire on 1 July 2019.

You can log in to LSB Online using your Practitioner Number, which was included in the Board’s email to you. To make applications easier, LSB Online can now be accessed and applications completed using your mobile device.

Need help?

Visit the Board’s website for assistance with completing your renewal.

Sexual harassment in the legal profession February 6, 2019

In 2019 the Board and Commissioner are embarking on a long-term program focussing on addressing sexual harassment within the legal profession.

Research done by the Australian Human Rights Commission shows that one in five Australians were sexually harassed in the workplace in the past 12 months. We know the legal profession is not immune to such behaviour. (more…)

Victorian Legal Services Board Grants Program: 2019 funding round open December 6, 2018

The Victorian Legal Services Board has launched its 2019 Grants Program funding round.

The Board’s priority theme for 2019 will be ‘Designing Justice Differently: Using Human-Centred Design and Technology’. The theme aims to stimulate new ways of thinking to achieve change in some of the seemingly intractable legal and social problems that face society and the legal sector. (more…)

Invitation: Launch of the 2019 Grants Round November 23, 2018

The Victorian Legal Services Board cordially invites you to the launch of the 2019 Designing Justice Differently Grant Round Guidelines.

You will learn details of the 2019 grants round priority theme of ‘improving access to justice through human-centred design and technology’.  This event will include (more…)

Professional misconduct for solicitor who failed to adequately assess client’s capacity November 16, 2018

A Hallam sole practitioner who failed to adequately assess his client’s capacity to give instructions has pleaded guilty to professional misconduct.

The Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal heard that in February 2014, solicitor Mr Mark Bramich prepared an enduring power of attorney (financial) and an enduring power of attorney (medical) for his elderly client. The client’s son-in-law and granddaughter were appointed as joint financial attorneys, and  (more…)

Writing directly to judicial officer without involving opponents is inappropriate conduct November 9, 2018

A veteran solicitor, who repeatedly sent correspondence to a Magistrate without including the opposing solicitor, has been reprimanded by the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

Mornington Peninsula solicitor, Mr Michael Gullquist, was found guilty of professional misconduct after he sent a series of letters directly to the Magistrate between appearances before the NSW Local Court. The letters were not sent to the opposing solicitor as (more…)

Reprimand for lawyer who lodged improper caveat September 12, 2018

A Prahran solicitor has been reprimanded after he lodged a caveat over a property when he did not have the proper basis to do so.

The Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal found the solicitor had lodged a caveat over a property belonging to his client’s mother, after the mother agreed to pay her daughter’s legal fees.

The Victorian Legal Services Commissioner told VCAT that the solicitor had acted without ensuring (more…)