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The Victorian Legal Services Board and Commissioner are independent statutory authorities responsible for the regulation of the legal profession in Victoria. The Board and Commissioner are accountable to the Victorian Parliament. The responsible minister is the Attorney-General, The Hon. Martin Pakula MP.

The Attorney-General has issued a Statement of Expectations for the Board and Commissioner’s contribution to the Government’s Regulation Reform Program, which aims to reduce red tape and improve regulatory practices over the 2016-17 year.

Four areas of governance and operational performance have been identified where there are opportunities for the Board and Commissioner to make improvements that would reduce cost impacts on businesses, including legal practices. These are detailed in the 2016-17 Statement of Expectations. (403KB PDF)

Reporting on progress to achieve these expectations will be included in the Board and Commissioner’s 2016-17 annual report.


Below you will find links to further information about the Board and Commissioner:

The Board

Information about the establishment and responsibilities of the Board.

The Commissioner

Information about the establishment and responsibilities of the Commissioner.


Information about the Committees operated by the Board and Commissioner.

Compliance and Enforcement

An explanation of the regulatory functions of the Board and Commissioner.

Bodies performing functions under the Act

A list of the organisations which have one or more responsibilities under the Legal Profession Uniform Law.

LSB Online

Administration of practising certificates and law practice information.

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Contact details for the Board and Commissioner.


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