The Commissioner - Victorian Legal Services Board + Commissioner

About the Victorian Legal Services Commissioner

The Victorian Legal Services Commissioner was originally established in 2005 under the Legal Profession Act 2004. The functions and powers of the Commissioner now come under the Legal Profession Uniform Law Application Act 2014.

Michael McGarvie was appointed as the Commissioner in December 2009. By virtue of that appointment, Michael also became the Chief Executive Officer of the Victorian Legal Services Board. Prior to this, Michael was the CEO of the Supreme Court of Victoria for three years. The Commissioner is the employer of all staff who support the operations of both the Board and the Commissioner. Michael was reappointed for a further five years in September 2014.

The Commissioner aims to:

  • develop and maintain an independent, impartial and accessible system for managing complaints against legal practitioners;
  • be accountable and transparent in dealing with our stakeholders;
  • enhance community and consumer understanding of legal practice;
  • work with the legal profession to ensure that legal services in Victoria meet the highest standards of excellence;
  • assist practitioners in understanding, managing and meeting consumer expectations; and
  • continually identify best practices in the provision of legal services.


The Commissioner’s core function is to receive and handle complaints about lawyers. In addition to this the Commissioner has an important educative role which involves:

  • educating lawyers about issues of concern to the legal profession and consumers of legal services, and
  • educating the community about legal issues and the rights and obligations that flow from the client-lawyer relationship.

Records management

The Commissioner ensures the disposal of all public records are in accordance with the Retention and Disposal Authority for Records produced by the Public Records Office Victoria.

View the Authority for Records for the Victorian Legal Services Commissioner, or alternatively visit the Public Records Office Victoria website for further information.



Last modified February 22, 2017.