Information for Consumers - Victorian Legal Services Board + Commissioner

Information for Consumers

The Victorian Legal Services Board and Commissioner are independent statutory authorities responsible for the regulation of the legal profession in Victoria. The Board and Commissioner are accountable to the Victorian Parliament.

As the regulators of the legal profession in Victoria, the Board and Commissioner work closely with the Law Institute of Victoria, the Victorian Bar and other enforcement and regulatory organisations to maintain and promote high standards in the legal profession.

This section provides consumers with information about how to work effectively with their lawyer and what they can do if problems arise. This section also provides links to the Board’s registers of lawyer contact details and disciplinary actions taken.

Working with your lawyer

This page provides hints and tips for how to work effectively with a lawyer, and provides information about your rights when dealing with lawyers.

Where to get legal help

This page provides links to information, resources and services which can help you with legal questions

What to do when a problem arises

Various options for resolving a problem with your lawyer can be found here.

Cost lawyers and cost consultants

This page explains the differences between a lawyer and a non-lawyer working in the area of legal costs.

The Fidelity Fund

The Fidelity Fund is a statutory compensation scheme for clients who have lost money or property due to the dishonest or fraudulent behaviour of a lawyer, an employee of a law practice or an approved clerk. This page describes the circumstances under which a claim may be made on the fund.

Register of legal practitioners and law practices

The Register provides details of current local legal practitioners, locally-registered foreign lawyers, and law practices that engage in legal practice in Victoria. A greater level of detail can be obtained from the Public Register, which is available for public inspection, without charge, at the Board’s office in Melbourne.

Register of disciplinary action (RODA)

The RODA provides details of disciplinary action taken against Australian legal practitioners under the relevant legislation.

Non-lawyer disciplinary action

This page lists action taken against non-lawyers who have been disqualified under the relevant legislation.


Other information available

Complaints and disciplinary outcomes

When the Commissioner initiates disciplinary proceedings against a lawyer, the case is usually heard before the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT). The decision made by VCAT, or any other relevant court, is generally published on the Australian Legal Information Institute (AustLII) website. Links to individual disciplinary decisions on AustLII from 2006 to the present time are provided on the Complaints and disciplinary outcomes pages.


The Board also publishes monthly statistics on the numbers of lawyers and law practices registered, and the Commissioner publishes annual statistics on the number and type of complaints received. The Board and Commissioner annual reports provide further detail and an analysis of the registration and complaints data for each financial year.



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