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Renewing your practising certificate for the 2019-20 year

The practising certificate renewal period commences on 18 March and will close on 30 April 2019. Renewals lodged from 1 May 2019 will attract a surcharge.

Information for Lawyers

The Victorian Legal Services Board is responsible for assessing and processing practising certificate applications for all Victorian registered solicitors. For Victorian barristers, the Board has delegated this function to the Victorian Bar. Solicitors with queries about the renewal process or the information required on the renewal form should contact the Board via email. Barristers with queries should contact the Victorian Bar (Tel: 03 9225 7111 or email:

All applications for renewal are submitted via the Board’s LSB Online portal. LSB Online can now be accessed using your mobile device. You must submit your renewal by 30 April 2019 to avoid attracting a late application surcharge. Instructions about how to apply to renew your practising certificate online are provided below.

The Legal Profession Uniform Law (Victoria) mandates annual renewal (s.10). Practising unlicensed is an offence. A practising certificate cannot be backdated. If you receive legal fees while practising unlicensed, those fees must be returned to the client.

Continuing professional development (CPD)

Section 52 of the Uniform Law requires all practitioners to comply with the CPD rules for the year ending 31 March of each year. Please note that non-compliance may impact your ability to renew your practising certificate. For more information about CPD compliance, solicitors please contact the Law Institute of Victoria, or for barristers, the Victorian Bar.

Supervised legal practice

If you have previously been subject to supervised legal practice but believe you have now completed the requisite period, you will need to apply to have the supervised legal practice condition removed from your practising certificate. Refer to the Board’s website for more information about supervised legal practice. First practising certificate during renewal period A lawyer who applies for their first practising certificate to commence during the renewal period (i.e. 18 March to 30 June 2019) is also required to renew that practising certificate for 2019-20 to enable them to continue to practise after 30 June 2019.

Not renewing

If you do not intend to renew your practising certificate please indicate this by completing the ‘Not renewing form’ on LSB Online.

Privacy and your information on the public register

The Board is required to keep a register holding details for each Australian legal practitioner registered in Victoria, including name, date of birth, date of admission and address for service. The Board is required to make the register available for public inspection.

With the exception of date of birth, the Board has approved register information to be provided to the public via the Board’s website, by telephone and in writing (including via email). Please note: the address you provide as your address for service (a street address allowing for personal service of documents) will be accessible to the public through the above means. You may wish to consider what address is appropriate for you to have displayed on the web site. Your address for service cannot be a post office box

1. Access LSB Online

Go to the Board’s website at and click on the green ‘LSB Online’ button.

2. Enter your username and password

Your username is your practitioner number, which can be found in the email sent to you by the Board on 18 March 2019. You can also find your practitioner number on your current practising certificate. Your practitioner number begins with the letter ‘P’ and is comprised of seven numbers. For example: P0123456.

3. Password

You will be required to login using the details that you used when last logging in to LSB Online. If you have forgotten your password, go to the LSB Online Login page and click on the ‘Forgot my password’ link.

4. Renewal steps

Click on the ‘Forms’ link located on the Home page. From the ‘Forms’ page, click on the link: ‘Start a practising certificate renewal form’, which will launch the online renewal form.

The online form pre-populates some of your practitioner information. Please check all details carefully before submitting your form.

When you are ready to submit your renewal form, simply click on the ‘Submit Form’ button. Any errors will be displayed on the right hand side of the screen.

5. Payment

Payment can be made by BPAY or credit card. If paying by BPAY, simply print the invoice on the payment screen and log in to your financial institution to make a payment using the details listed on the invoice. If you wish to pay by credit card, you will be asked to enter your credit card details on the payment screen. A receipt will be emailed to you when your payment has been processed by the Board.

If you submit your renewal after 30 April you are required to pay a surcharge. The Board may grant you an exemption from paying the surcharge under certain circumstances. If your application for surcharge exemption is approved by the Board you will receive a refund of the surcharge amount.

6. My employer will pay

You can elect for your employer to pay for your renewal fees. This means your employer will log in to their Legal Entity account in LSB Online and pay your fees. Please check with your employer first before choosing this option.

If your employer is paying, please select ‘My employer will pay’ on the ‘Payment’ tab. Your employer’s payment records will then be updated to indicate that you have submitted your renewal form.

The Board does not issue your employer with an invoice for your renewal fees. Your employer must log in to LSB Online to pay. If they do not wish to pay via LSB Online, they may contact Practitioner Services on Tel: 9679 8111 to discuss payment options. Your practising certificate will not issue until your employer has paid for your fees.

7. Confirmation email

You will receive a confirmation email from the Board upon submitting your renewal form. Failure to submit your form by 30 April 2019 will attract a late application surcharge.

Please go to LSB Online to update your email address. Your practising certificate can now be downloaded to your email address after the Board has confirmed your application has been completed. It is vital you check that your email address is current in your renewal application to ensure you receive your practising certificate.

Barristers needing help applying to renew please contact the Bar office: Email: Tel: 03 9225 7111

Solicitors needing help applying to renew please contact the Board.

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