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Review of Lawyers’ Practising Certificate Fees

The Legal Profession (Practising Certificate Fees) Regulations 2012 set the fees that Victorian lawyers pay for their practising certificates. These Regulations are due to sunset on 30 June 2017. The Board is now required to review practising certificate fees and recommend new Regulations to the Victorian Government.

Until new Regulations are passed into law, the current practising certificate fees regime will be retained for another 12 months. This will enable the Board to undertake a detailed consultation process with the Victorian legal profession about practising certificate fees.

To assist in this consultation process the Board has prepared a discussion paper (113KB PDF) outlining potential options for setting fees for the 2018-19 financial year and beyond.  This discussion paper was sent to all registered lawyers via RPA News email bulletin #31 issued in January 2017.

The Board is seeking the views of Victorian lawyers on the various options available. We encourage you to provide feedback on the options presented, however you are also welcome to submit alternative proposals for consideration.

All written comments and submissions to the discussion paper will be considered by the Board in the development of a Regulatory Impact Statement (RIS). The RIS is scheduled to be released in mid‑2017. This RIS will set out a preferred option, with supporting arguments, and the Board will again seek further feedback about that option.

Further details on the process for setting new fees are set out in the discussion paper.

Comments and submissions are invited by no later than 5pm on 31 March 2017 to:

or by mail to:

Practising Certificate Fees Discussion Paper
Victorian Legal Services Board and Commissioner
GPO Box 492
Melbourne Vic 3000

Please note: all submissions received by the Board will be published on this website after the consultation period has concluded.


Last modified February 2, 2017.